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Pick up a 17-Inch RTX 3060 Powered MSI Katana for $1,129: Real Deals

With a name like “Katana”, I hope it helps you cut through all the enemies in the game, but luckily the Katana seems to have cut quite a bit of money off the price. MSI’s Katana GF76 from Target for $1,129 (opens in new tab)and with a 17-inch IPS screen, a 12th Gen Intel CPU, and an RTX 3060, this gaming laptop will comfortably play all the latest games and could be a contender for the best gaming laptop under $1,500. there is. (opens in new tab).

the price of Gigabyte M28U 4K Monitor Drops To $509 On Newegg (opens in new tab) When to use promo code DYMCNA7256The M28U comes with a KVM switch, HDMI 2.1 support and a fast 144Hz refresh rate.

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