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Pinecil V2 Review: Smart Soldering Iron, Powered by RISC-V CPU

The humble soldering iron has come a long way. From a simple hot piece of metal melting a mixture of tin and lead to temperature controlled precision instruments powered by RISC-V. Soldering is a great skill to learn and can be used to create custom circuits, Solder the GPIO pins your Raspberry Pi Pico WBut which soldering iron to buy?

In the past, when choosing a soldering iron, it was either a cheap “introductory” soldering iron or a top brand soldering iron such as Weller or steps Pine 64known primarily for its range raspberry pi Alternative single board computers, Linux-powered mobile phones, and Arm laptops with Pinecil temperature-controlled soldering irons. Released in 2020, Version 1 was a lower-cost alternative to Waveshare’s similar irons. But Pinecil has introduced his RISC-V CPU inside a low-cost soldering iron.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Released in August 2022 for $26, the Pinecil V2 is a further update to the original model. The two look the same, only the soldering iron has a shorter tip and is distinguished by a colored band. Under the hood are stronger RISC-V CPUs, more memory, and the option to use higher wattages for those heavier connections.

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