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PlatinumGames Thanks Past Bayonetta Contributors, But Offers ‘Full Support’ to New Voice Actress

Bayonetta 3 voice actor Jennifer Hale has said she has “full support” from the developers, even though she appreciates “contributors” to the series, during a discussion about paying game actors. increase.

Statement from PlatinumGames Via Twitter It seeks to draw a line under the recent controversy while supporting Bayonetta’s new voice.

“We at PlatinumGames are extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed to the creation of the Bayonetta series over the years, and to the community that has become the foundation of it. I fully support and agree with all of her statements.”

The controversy began when original voice actress Helena Taylor hinted she wouldn’t be returning later in the year. When Hale was cast for the role, the replacement was not enthusiastically received.

“We understand some fans are concerned about the voice change at this point in the series, but Jennifer’s performance far exceeded our expectations,” said PlatinumGames at the time. “I’m sure her portrayal of Bayonetta will exceed fans’ expectations.”

Those concerns were amplified when Taylor claimed he was offered just $4000 to return it, but this is where it all gets a little messy.

“The Bayonetta franchise made about $450 million, not including merchandise,” says Taylor. “As an actor, I have had a total of seven and a half years of training: three years at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art Lambda and four and a half years with the legendary Larry Moss in Los Angeles under voice coach Barbara Barkery. And what did they think this was worth?What did they offer me to pay for? The typical offer was US$4,000.”

Taylor then called on Bayonetta fans to boycott the game, and although Hale was unable to comment on the situation, she responded:

“As a long-time member of the voice acting community, I support the right of all actors to be well paid and have consistently advocated for this over the years,” she said, adding, “Talk about this situation. “There is no freedom,” she added.

Things get more complicated when reports appear confirming that Taylor was indeed offered $15,000 in compensation for Bayonetta 2. Nonetheless, Platinum Games was clearly trying to draw a line under everything and made a call. To fans, don’t disrespect Hale or the “other contributors” to the series.

“Please refrain from any further comments disrespectful of Jennifer or other contributors to the series,” they said.

Bayonetta 3 is set to release on October 28th, 2022.

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