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PlayStation Announces Project Leonardo, an Accessibility Controller Kit for PS5

PlayStation has revealed a new accessibility controller kit in development for the PlayStation 5. Its codename is Project Leonardo.

Revealed on stage at CES 2023 and later playstation blogProject Leonardo aims to “remove barriers to gaming and make it easier, more comfortable and longer for players with disabilities to play on PS5.”

Sony has revealed Project Leonardo in a trailer that you can watch below.

Sony said the new controller was developed with contributions from accessibility experts, community members, and game developers. Project Leonardo includes a kit of interchangeable components such as various analog stick caps and buttons in various shapes and sizes.

PS5 allows players to customize their gaming experience with button mapping. This allows you to map the buttons on your controller to any function supported by your controller. Also, the player can map two of her functions to the same button. The PS5 also includes up to three control profiles, allowing players to save their preferred settings and easily switch between them.

Project Leonardo can be used alone or in combination with additional Project Leonardo or DualSense controllers. It is also designed to be compatible with external 3rd party devices via its four 3.5mm AUX ports.

You can see the new controller kit in the photo below.

According to PlayStation, Project Leonardo is still in active development and continues to gather valuable feedback from the community.

PlayStation’s first-party titles are increasingly pushing for more accessibility features on PlayStation 5. God of War: Ragnarok launched with over 70 accessibility features, and the Last of Us Part 1 remake made strides to help deaf gamers. With Project Leonardo, PlayStation will have its own accessibility controller kit, much like Xbox released its own adaptive controller to make games more accessible on the platform.

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