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PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program To Start Rolling Out This Month


Sony has shared a first look at some of the items available as part of the free PlayStation Stars loyalty program, as well as a timeline for when you’ll be able to collect them yourself.

Sony’s Grace Chen said the program will begin rolling out in select Asian regions later this month. It will then go on sale in the US and Europe within a few weeks, though no specific timeline has been given.

Along with the new timeline, PlayStation has revealed some of the first digital collectibles players can earn through the program, including PocketStation, Toro and Kuro, Polygon Man, and Ape Escape 2’s Punto.

Check out the digital collection in the video below.

Original story:

Sony has announced a new reward points program called PlayStation Stars that allows players to earn points with real cash value.

Presented in playstation blog, the loyalty program will launch later this year (Sony didn’t reveal an exact date) and sign-up is free. A player earns points by accomplishing the simple goal of playing a game once a month, which he can later redeem for PlayStation Store and other rewards.

The catalog of items “may include PSN Wallet funds and some PlayStation Store products.” PlayStation Plus members earn points by purchasing items in the store, similar to the My Nintendo program on Switch.

Beyond PlayStation Store-related rewards, users will also receive “figures of beloved and iconic characters from games and other entertainment, as well as Sony’s history of innovation.”

Furthermore, according to Washington Post, the first player to win the Platinum Trophy in a particular game will receive an additional special prize that no one else can earn. It’s not exactly clear how this works.It’s mentioned that it’s in the local timezone, so it could be a platinum territory race instead of global. Reward by.

New collectibles are added regularly. Sony says some are particularly rare and something players should continue to work on.

The program marks another upgrade to Sony’s digital offerings as it recently introduced a new PlayStation Plus tier. The base tier is pretty much the same as the previous PlayStation Plus, but the middle and most expensive tiers offer hundreds of extra games in a service similar to Xbox Game Pass.

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