Poised for Change at a Company Where Dancers of Color Feel at Home

Donnell I remember being in the bar on the first day in Studio 3, a beautiful red brick. She hadn’t seen a lot of beautiful black and brown skin, so she was like, ‘Oh, this is different.

Williams It was for my audition. There was a big picture of Arthur Mitchell and red brick. And the first time I wore brown tights, I knew I couldn’t see them in pink tights. But I never danced in brown tights. So it’s not like they matched my skin tone or anything.

What’s your cup of tea for a dance theater audition? Tell us about yourself.

Williams In 2010, there were whispers on the streets that Virginia Johnson was back and that she was going to start a new DTH ballet dancer.

Anyone who auditioned for DTH knows it’s no easy audition. I don’t know if I got it right away. I called her mother as we were heading back down Sugar Hill in St. Nick and back on the subway. When I entered the building, I felt like I had come home. Virginia hired me into the ensemble and has been with the company ever since.

Silver Mr. Mitchell hired me in 2008. I still joke about the long audition. He saw a lot of things I didn’t. The language thing didn’t help me because I was so shy and discovering everything at first. I remember him doing barrel turns in class. he said: He didn’t come all the way from Brazil to see the floor. ”

Donnell Virginia hired me in 2012 and I remember how long the audition took. Because you have taken ballet classes (barre, center and classical variations). And they didn’t call my number. I was really upset, but they were still trying to partner up, so I decided to stay by the door and take off my pointe shoes. They had an extra guy and I said, ‘Hey, Lindsay, why don’t you team up with him? So I put 1000 percent into the partners section and finally got the job.

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