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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Duplication Glitch Lets You Clone Shiny Pokémon

A newly discovered glitch in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet allows players to duplicate Pokémon, including the extremely rare Shiny ones, very easily.

As reported by All about NintendoYouTuber Austin John Plays I’ve uploaded a video detailing the glitch and explaining how players can clone the wild pocket monsters in the game.

To trigger the glitch, catch the Pokemon you want to clone and head directly to the nearest open town without having to enter the loading screen.When you see the town name, save the game and close the software.

After starting a backup and reloading, the game should respawn the Pokemon in the same place it was originally caught. It won’t trigger if you try it in the Team Star Compound or a random Pokémon Center where you can travel in the open world.

Austin John Plays believes glitches can be caused by entering an open town.

Normally when you go back out of town it will respawn, but if you close the game, save it in town and reopen it, the game will redraw the same Pokémon from the previous instance.

Glitch and what IGN called “terribly bad performance” have been at the forefront of conversations about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet since launch last week. In both, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet exhibit framerates that are hard to ignore.”

In addition to the duplication glitch, players have also discovered a strange way to run twice as fast. But ironically, there doesn’t seem to be an official Pokemon virus in this generation. See tested cheat-like exploits in his Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide on IGN.

Anthony is a freelance contributor covering science and video game news for IGN. With his 8+ years of experience covering the latest developments in multiple scientific fields, he has absolutely no time for cheating. Follow him on Twitter @BeardConGamer.

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