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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Hands-On Preview – Everything We Know

We’re less than a month away from the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. I was lucky enough to get a hands-on experience with a special demo build, specifically Pokemon Scarlet. You could explore a large area and tackle the three main story tasks in any order. Let’s Go! features, picnics, Starfall Street challenges, gym tests and battles, plus character customization. Here are my firsthand impressions of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and a rundown of everything we know about the game so far.

The first open world Pokemon region “Pardea”

Both Pokémon Scarlet and Violet take place in the Pardea region, which is widely believed to be Spanish-inspired, and possibly throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Storyline lets you go where you want, when you want. These are all part of the school’s “treasure hunt” assignment and should be followed at your discretion.

These various story paths are Victory Roads with the traditional goal of defeating Gym Leaders to earn the title of Champion. In Path of Legends, fight Titan Pokémon to collect the rare Herbahi Mystica. In Starfall Street, you must infiltrate the bad team Starr’s base and defeat the boss.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet version difference

The demo I played spawned by the main character’s house with the already legendary Pokemon Corridon in tow. In Scarlett, Collidon serves as a trusty vehicle that can run, jump, climb, and slide. In Violet, however, the legendary Pokémon Myradon fills that role instead, which is just one of the differences between Scarlet and Violet’s many versions of the Pokémon. This includes other exclusive Pokémon and different professors as well.

After getting a feel for moving around (and flipping the camera), we went on a picnic to check out the new Let’s Go! feature.

Deepen your bond with your Pokémon at a picnic

While having a picnic with Pokémon Scarlet Violet, you can play with Pokémon, take pictures, and take a bath. Washing your Pokémon out will likely strengthen your bond with them. I think this refers to the hidden friendship mechanism that allows e.g. Eevee to evolve into Umbreon.

I made my own sandwiches during a picnic.

Alright, let’s go!Send Pokemon to Autobattle and collect items

After a little picnic, I tried out the new Let’s Go! Features (Not to be confused with games with the same subtitle.) Throwing out a Poké Ball releases the party lead to auto-join battle with nearby wild Pokémon or pick up nearby items. ball on the ground. Even if you’re riding a Legendary Pokémon companion, the Pokémon will stick close to you while exploring, and a notification of its escape will appear in the upper-right corner of your screen.

The experience gained from auto-battles is spread across the party, but is significantly reduced compared to the experience gained from normal wild Pokémon battles. If you gave it the same amount of XP as , it would probably increase your power level by mistake, especially since it uses auto-battle as a way to collect Pokemon materials dropped by defeated wild Pokemon.

These Pokémon materials are required to create TMs in the TM machines at Pokémon Centers, another new system introduced in Scarlet and Violet.but, you are won’t Know the ingredients you need until you find them first. Autobattle is almost a mandatory addition to make this new system fun rather than difficult. Imagine forcing yourself to start a turn-based battle! It’s worth noting that I found TM on the ground as you always do.

I’m still worried about what would happen if I encountered a Shiny Pokémon with Autobattle enabled – if I didn’t notice it, would the Pokémon automatically bring it back to life? I wish there was a built-in system to prevent that, but at least we know we can bring back Pokémon at will.

I’m also curious if Let’s Go! will still earn traditional Effort Values. Autobattle – I think so, but my play sessions are time limited so I didn’t want to vaguely understand it, so when the full release is here I’ll have to revisit that mystery I tried to investigate if Pokemon still have individual values ​​in the traditional sense, and it seems they do. different status. By the way, even if you throw a Poké Ball directly at a wild Pokémon, you won’t be able to catch it like in “Pokemon Legends: His Arceus”. Just start the battle.

NPCs are polite and don’t attack if seen

Curiously, I made eye contact with NPCs, but they did not do it Combat begins. A Nintendo rep said that in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, NPCs are breaking with that age-old tradition and instead displaying icons above their heads to indicate they’re ready to fight if interacted with. Told.

Big departure from series tradition

It’s a big departure from the series’ tradition, and it’s meant for good and bad.On the one hand, this can mitigate perceived difficulties, but on the other hand, the lack of deterrence encourages exploration, and you can see yourself easily giving in to environmental sidetracking songs. Choosing where to go and not being forced into a series of battles along the way would be a much more relaxed and easier experience. intention Forced a trainer battle as soon as I made eye contact – who says?

Astonishing new battle gimmick

Once you enter the battle, the scenery remains intact, similar to Pokemon Legends: Arceus – it’s a very seamless transition! Battles will be familiar to Pokemon fans. Each Pokemon has four moves, allowing you to switch Pokemon in exchange for turns, type weaknesses and resistances, etc. It’s a Terastal Phenomenon that modifies. Boosts that type of move. It seems that any Pokémon can have a Terratype, but “rare” Terratypes seem to be limited to special wild Pokémon, event Pokémon, and Pokémon in Terra Raid Battles (explained later).

Hands-on with the Starfall Street Challenge

After running, jumping, and gliding on Koraidon’s back during our exploration, we fast-traveled to points on the map to approach Team Star’s base, part of the Starfall Street storyline. Then I jumped over the cliff to the base below, but my teamster wouldn’t approve of it. The challenge to defeat has started! auto battle. During the trial period, he was able to send the first three Pokémon of his party into battle at once and call back at will. I knew the Teamster members here were using Fire-type Pokemon, so I prepared my team accordingly and got through everything they threw at me without a problem. I was told that if I had chosen the ice-attribute Settan, I would never have survived.

Teamster Mera

Teamster Mera

The ensuing battle with Mera, the leader in flashy boots, surprised me for several reasons. Organized. Her Torkoal tanked a weakened Wigglet water-type move and instead she shot two shots. After Torkoal, my next opponent was her Starmobile itself. This her Starmobile threatened to wipe out my team with her speed boost her abilities and powerful attacks. Luckily, Arma Rouge (a Pokémon exclusive to Scarlet) survived easily with his Flashfire ability, many A tougher fight without it.

Completing the story tasks gave us new TMs that we could craft on the TM machine, LPs that we could use to craft them, and some insightful dialogue, but No Free party heels.In full game I have can I left the area to look for the next teamster’s base, but for a demo, I went to the nearby town of Artazon and challenged the Grass-type Gym Leader Brasius.

Experience with Gym Test and Gym Battle

Before you could challenge an Artazon Gym Leader, you had to pass his Gym Test, which varies from Gym to Gym, but in this case, you had to find 10 Sunflora around town. The camera could move freely around the city, like the wilds and the teamster’s base, and even ride on the Collidon. I was also able to hop and glide on buildings, so I took full advantage of it to find Sunflora quickly.

The gym battle that followed was expected, with the exception of Blasius’ oddly Terra-type Sudwood. I didn’t even terasterize. Because then the type of Setitan will change to Water. The party of Beribolt, Wiglet, Farigiraf, Almarouge, and Setitan were said to be stronger than usual at this point, but Setitan was within his two levels of Brassius’ team.

But how does an open world actually work?

I’m curious if it’s possible to travel to snowy terrain and catch ice-type pokemon before this battle in the full game, or if there are any level-based restrictions. question – does the world level scale to fit you, or does each area present a different set level range? did not have

Experience a 4-player co-op Terra Raid Battle!

Participating in a 4-player co-op Terra Raid Battle was fun, but I can’t go into details because I could only do it alone. It’s similar to the Sword and Shield Max Raid Battle, but instead of waiting for your allies every turn, you could act at your own pace according to the time limit. I’ll have to play more to understand if the in-game communication is enough, or if the difficulty of the raid makes the feature necessary.

Character customization is robust

Finally, we should mention customization options. It’s more robust than any Pokémon game to date.over a dozen eyelash With options alone, I think I spend a good deal of time creating my character and changing her style as I play.

Overall, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet shake up the traditional Pokemon formula in more than one way: an open world to explore at will, three stories to tackle on your own terms, four-player co-op, and even more details. It looks like Things such as the handling of forced NPC battles have yet to be revealed.enough new When Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are released on November 18th, we have high expectations for a new Pokemon journey.

For more information on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, don’t miss the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet wiki guide page.

Casey DeFreitas is IGN’s Deputy Editor of Guides. You can catch her on her Twitter @ShinyCaseyD.


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