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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Players Are Majorly Struggling With Online Tera Raids

As more and more players finish the main storyline of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, many are stepping into the main ongoing endgame content, Terra Raid. Increasingly, however, these players are expressing frustration at how these raids are so broken.

According to players, the latest Pokémon games suffer from poor matchmaking, lag, long animations, unforgiving timers, bugs, and ill-equipped players actively ruining the experience.

Here’s how Terra Raid works: Players can find shimmering Terra Crystals scattered throughout the world of Pardea, and when interacted with, offer the opportunity to battle powerful Terrastalized Pokémon. are also much stronger, and often have Terratypes (basically the combat gimmicks this generation of Pokémon chose) that are rare for their species. For example, a Gyarados (usually a Flying/Water type) may have the Terrahis type of Dragonhis.

If you’re playing Pokémon solo, you can assemble a crew of three NPC Trainers to engage in 4v1 timed battles against these monsters. Winning in time will reward you with rare items, EXP candy, and a chance to catch the target Pokémon.

Fighting NPCs like this works pretty well, but only up to a point. Terra Raid has a difficulty rating ranging from 1 to 7 stars that indicates how difficult it is to defeat Pokémon within the time limit. 1, 2, 3 and 4 star raids are easy enough for the average player to play solo with his crew of NPCs. But when you reach 5 stars, things get complicated.

Pokémon at that level have huge health pools, powerful moves, shields that need to be broken down, and the ability to remove status conditions from themselves and stat boosts from the player team. Difficulty raids also have better rewards. Not only will you get better item drops, but you’ll be able to catch more powerful and popular Pokémon.

However, to effectively fight most 5+ star raids, you need a team of real people playing with optimized monsters. Now comes the problem.

Terra Raids are marked in the Pardean Overworld, with a symbol indicating the Terra type of the Pokemon in it, and modifiers indicating whether the raid is a 6-star raid or a special event raid. For example, tracking down a 5-star raid with a Pokémon you actually want to fight can be a hassle because you don’t know what’s inside a particular crystal.

Terra types are so diverse that you’ll spend a good deal of time scurrying through Pardea to find 1-, 2-, and 3-star crystals with low-level, not-so-fun monster battles. tend to be alone. Find a battle worth picking.

An alternative is to use the Poke Portal in the menu to join someone else’s raid, but this system has its own problems. Only 8 Tera raids can appear in the menu at a time, and sets can contain raids from 1 to 6 stars.

And those high-level raids fill up fast. It’s extremely difficult to get a spot in a 5 or 6 star raid, and even worse, the game may hang for up to a minute after a raid has been selected, before notifying the player.. .” will remain. Great if successful but if not or a communication error ruins the process they are sent back to the same menu of 8 terra raids but most of what is available is probably full as well To. So the player has to hit the refresh button and wait for the new raid his set to appear, but that button is only available every few minutes.

In short, so many Terra Raids fighting online are just sitting on the same menu waiting, I hope that in the end you will find the raid you want to do and be able to participate in it.

The problem is exacerbated when you actually participate in Terra Raid. One of his welcome design changes from Sword and Shield Dynamax his raid is now that all players take their turn at the same time. The downside, however, is that Scarlet and Violet’s major issues with online lag and bugs, as well as some weird design decisions, have turned this feature into a nightmare.

The timer is constantly ticking, so players have a specific window to choose their moves before skipping their turn. However, if the game is delayed, the player may have only 1 second or no time to choose a move. Menus can freeze on the screen and you can’t select anything, or the game can lag for a long time with no characters on the screen.

HP bars don’t always accurately reflect a Pokémon’s health at any given moment. Terrorize your own Pokémon – Actively recommending things the game do during certain stages of combat. – A long animation will occur and the timer will keep ticking. A large amount of text or animation appears on the screen.

Basically, raids are complete chaos. Movements happen at seemingly random times, turns are skipped, and his health bar is all over the place, making it often impossible to know what’s going on at any given moment.

And all this is assuming everyone showed up for the raid with the right Pokemon for it.5 star raids are hard, but just about every player who finished the Pokemon Story Mode and a bit of bonus endgame content As a result, many players enter these matches with Pokemon ill-equipped to face such powerful bosses.

The r/Pokemon subreddit is full of complaints about players bringing Pokemon that are weak to the monsters they are fighting, or that are clearly lower level, or don’t have the stats or movesets to deal with the more difficult challenges. Sure, it’s not the 10-year-old’s fault for not knowing how EV training works, but when a weak Pokémon team is combined with all the lag issues, Terra Raid is miserable for many. It will be an experience.

For a pretty good (and hilarious) summary of all this, Currently locked Reddit thread titled “TERA RAID RAGE THREAD” Encouraging users to share their frustrations with the raid system, the comments (all caps) effectively cover all of the above. With a calm feeling, if you search for “Terra Raid” at the time of writing this on r/Pokemon, it will come out. first 8 resultsTerra Raid’s exploration system is completely broken…“,”Eavesdropping on Terra Raid Battles“,”Terra Raid Battle is barely playable“,”Terra Raid time and lag“, When “Anyone complaining about Terra Raid?’ It’s messed up.

For now, the highest difficulty raid available is the 6 star raid, but players are worried about the upcoming events that will make the challenge even higher: December 1-4 and December 15-18. On the day, 7-star Charizard, a Pokemon that cannot be obtained with Scarlet or Violet, will appear in Terra Raid. Considering how difficult a 6-star raid is, this Charizard will likely be extremely difficult to beat, requiring a coordinated and strong team of four players working together.

But currently, the online system is so messy that adjusting that level is almost impossible for many. Still don’t know if…or if a patch is in progress.

The Terra Raid feature is just one of the many issues I ran into while reviewing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In its review, the game’s open-world gameplay “was a great direction for the future of the franchise, but this promising shift is thwarted by a number of ways that Scarlett and Violet feel very unfinished. ‘ said.

Rebekah Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. you can find her on her twitter @duck valentine.

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