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PSA – God of War: Ragnarok Spoilers Have Begun to Leak

Spoilers for God of War: Ragnarok have popped up on social media, so if you’re looking to enter the game blind, think carefully.

The leak itself, though damaging, seems harmless. Her Twitter account (not linked here), of the user with the early code for the game, seems to auto-post screenshots taken while playing, inadvertently revealing details about the game. IGN has confirmed that the image is legal.

It looks like it was released inadvertently, but the concern is how these images will be used next. Malicious Twitter users have used bots to automatically send spoilers using specific keywords, spamming chat windows and comment sections with important details, breaking many major games. is leaked before release.

Sony has yet to respond to the leak, with the last screenshot posted yesterday, October 23rd.

So far, the game seems very worth the wait. The game’s final preview states that his first five hours “delivered a gripping and emotional story, interspersed with Kratos violently tearing things in half in the emotional opening moments.” increase.

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