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PSA: Sonic Frontiers Spoilers Have Begun to Leak

Sonic Frontiers is just around the corner, and as has become commonplace these days, with early copies out there, spoilers are starting to leak ahead of its Nov. 8 release date. It’s a PSA for running away from them as fast as you.

I don’t want to spoil Sonic Frontier so I won’t link it here, but there are people already streaming Sonic Frontier on Twitch. The ResetERA thread already shows a long video of the game in action. Many of these have been swiftly removed by SEGA, but the danger of spoilers has officially arrived.

Created by Tomoya Otani, the sound director of the Sonic series. twitter .

As previously mentioned, Sonic Frontier was released on November 8, and in its final previews, it said, “It’s still an uneven experience, both visually and mechanically, but when the time ran out, I was disappointed that it wasn’t. I just couldn’t think of anything else to do,” he said. Being able to play more seemed like a good sign that Sonic Frontiers was in pretty good shape. “

Sonic Frontiers was first announced in December 2021 as an “open zone” sonic adventure. Featured as IGN First in June, we also shared a preview of his first hands-on.

For more information, see why you can’t even “scratch” some bosses until you unlock Super Sonic, take a look at combat gameplay, why that world is different from others, and with Sonic Frontier writer Ian Flynn. check out the chat. Open Zone Story, Dr. Eggman and more.

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