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PUBG Publisher Krafton Acquires The Ascent Developer, Prepares New Studio Launch In Canada

PUBG publisher Krafton has announced that it will acquire The Ascent developer Neon Giant. Crafton also plans to launch a major studio in Canada.

and New earnings report, Crafton said he plans to acquire the Swedish studio and is also working on an open-world first-person shooter. Other than that, no other details about the Neon Giant acquisition, including a price tag, were provided.

A planned Canadian studio AAAfantasy gamebased on the Korean series of fantasy novels “The Bird Drinking Tears” by Lee Young Do.

Krafton is currently working on several different projects, including Project Black Budget, a PvPvE looter shooter, Project Roam, a multiplayer PvPvE shooter, and the upcoming Subnautica game.

Moonbreaker by Unknown Worlds Entertainment enters early access in September, while The Callisto Protocol by Striking Distance Studios is set to release on December 2nd.

IGN’s review of The Ascent stated: Neither the story nor the characters are memorable, and enemy encounters can stumble in the closing stages, but firefights in a neon-soaked world combined with ultra-violence provide co-op like you’ve never seen before. We build games that are worth playing. Day. “

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