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Quantum Computing May be Bolstered by Liquid-Like Electrons

The field of quantum computing may have just received a boost in coherence and error prevention in the form of parafermions: Grouped electrons that behave as a liquid in a special state of matter.Scientist at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (opens in new tab) We have shown experimental results that are expected to lead to parafermions when electrons maintain a temperature close to absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius). This research achieved a breakthrough by demonstrating that there are conditions under which electrons can have strong interactions. This is just what scientists have theorized so far.

The orderly movement of electrons results in what we know as electricity. But even though the electrons move in this “regular” pattern, they really don’t. Because they are negatively charged, the electrons tend to repel each other and move in different directions (like gases) individually and haphazardly rather than as a cohesive whole. They are like disabled drivers. There may be some “steps” on the way to the destination. But when the electron behaves like a liquid, it’s like swapping a faulty driver for a good one. Drivers who know and respect each other’s boundaries, speed and direction to reduce collisions and reach their destinations better.

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