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Raptor Lake Motherboards Allegedly Hit With Ethernet Controller Flaw

According to a report from Tech Power Up (opens in new tab)Intel’s latest I226-V 2.5GbE Ethernet controller that debuted on 700-series motherboards may have a design flaw.User reports from intel (opens in new tab), microsoft (opens in new tab), Asus (opens in new tab)When reddit (opens in new tab) The community claims that the I226-V controller is causing frequent disconnects at random times, suggesting a potential design flaw.

The I226-V controller, codenamed Foxville, is the successor to the I225-V controller launched in 2019. Unfortunately, the I225-V wasn’t perfect and suffered from many network connectivity issues that led to connection loss and poor performance. The problem could only be fixed at the hardware level, so Intel finally released his I225-V2 controller. Unfortunately, motherboards manufactured before the new revision continue to suffer from this problem, with workarounds such as changing the controller to his 1GbE mode instead of his 2.5GbE.

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