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Raptor Lake Wafer Pictured During Intel Tech Tour Israel Event

Images of wafers filled with Intel Raptor Lake were taken at the Intel Tech Tour Israel event. A photo of his 12 inch wafer was shared by Tom’s Hardware Editor. Paul Alcorn Via Twitter. I opened it up on my state-of-the-art PC and yelled “enhance” at the screen to create the image below.

(Image credit: Future)

Pixel peek at the enhanced section and you can very easily see the 8 performance cores (P cores) on the highlighted rectangular die. It’s not so easy to see that the 16 Efficiency Cores (E-cores) are also present (but they are). That’s right, this is a Raptor-Lake-S die, which can be aimed at creating an Intel Core i9-13900 tier CPU, as long as it hits the grade.

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