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Raspberry Pi Beepberry Has Onboard RP2040 and Fits in Your Pocket

Many of us remember the Blackberry days, and some of us may want to relive that classic PDA feel. Today is raspberry pi Shared project with Eric Migicovsky to do just that beep berry Creation. A Beepberry is a portable, pocket-sized computer for a hacker to communicate with on his Beeper. According to Migicovsky, Beepberry is part of the following partnerships: buzzer sound and SQFMI. The Beepberry is officially available for pre-order for $79.

I have an RP2040 onboard, but I need a separate SBC to use the Beepberry. Compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero W and other his SBCs of the same form factor such as MQ-Pro and Radxa Zero. Be sure to choose a unit without pre-soldered headers, as it needs to be low profile to attach to the PCB.

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