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Raspberry Pi Drives Holographic Anime Virtual Assistant

Perhaps one day anime will become a reality thanks to projects like this one from creator and developer Jess Peter.peter is raspberry pi Enhance a custom holographic animated virtual assistant named Maria It’s fully interactive and 100% adorable.

This holographic virtual assistant features an original 3D design with animations that help bring her to life. Peter has implemented her AI for speech recognition and programmed text-to-speech so Maria can interact with the user to complete her verbal requests and initiate tasks. Maria is still in development, so features are limited, but she plans to add more features in the future.

Peter provides a lot of juicy details about her work and how to set it up yourself at home. You can set it up (“beep! beep! beep!”), and even use the Spotify API to play music.

(Image credit: Jess Peter)

This project is running on a Raspberry Pi 4B connected to a USB microphone for audio input and a USB speaker for audio output. The Pi is housed in a 3D printed case with a conical acetate sheet attached to give it a holographic effect. It uses a small 3.2 inch screen to project images with a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels.

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