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Raspberry Pi Emulates Amiga 1200, Uses Real Floppy Disks

There’s no better retro computing companion than the Amiga. From its rich history to its classic old-school design, modern computers don’t feel the same as they did in the days of home computing. Rob Fisher wanted to bring that old feeling back into his life. Amiga 1200 Emulation Project Using our favorite SBC, raspberry piNot only does this project look like an Amiga, it also has a working floppy drive that the Pi can interact with thanks to a clever interface card.

To build the project, Fisher houses a Raspberry Pi inside a modern Amiga 1200 replica shell. Although you could easily use almost any Pi for this project, he decided to use his Raspberry Pi 4 as the power source for the machine. To make the most of the case’s design, the Pi’s ports are routed outside the shell for access, including a floppy drive. This makes for a seamless experience as your project will only consist of one unit unless you plug in some accessories.

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