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Raspberry Pi Helps Research Team Monitor Glaciers in Peru

of raspberry pi is a flexible system with a wide range of use cases, from retro gaming platforms to industrial use cases such as factories. Today we share one research team’s scientific take on his favorite SBC and find out how it compares to the latest more expensive tools. Liam Taylor, Duncan Quincy and Mark Smith recently deployed a series of Raspberry Pis to monitor glacier melting. Iceland and Peru.

The research team said extreme changes could have environmental impacts on local populations, so it’s important to monitor the birthing front. For example, tsunamis, floods, and iceberg eruptions can cause severe damage, and monitoring these changes can help people living nearby to react before problems escalate. Part of their research included testing the performance of the Raspberry Pi in monitoring these changes compared to the traditional tools they typically use, in this case an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). I was.

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