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Raspberry Pi Helps Submarine Simulator Explore for Wildlife

There are plenty of simulation games on the market today, from tractors to goats, but simulators have a much more immersive and entirely different side. Today we are pleased to present to you an amazing piece of work put together by the team known as the Explorandia Association.This team has developed something great submarine simulator This allows you to go through real ponds in real time with a little help. raspberry pi 3B.

They call the project “Bathysphere,” and it requires a crew of 3-7 people to operate. Crew members board a small enclosure designed to resemble a submarine cockpit. YouTuber and tech expert Tom Scott Recently, I traveled to Italy to check out this submarine simulator in person. They even had the chance to take a spin in the captain’s seat, but most of the operations are actually handled by the team sitting behind the captain.

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