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Raspberry Pi Launches Online Code Editor to Help Kids Learn

When we think of the Raspberry Pi, we usually think of a single-board computer, but the Raspberry Pi Foundation was started to help kids learn about computers and wants to help whether they own the hardware. I’m here. The non-profit arm of Raspberry Pi this week released a new browser-based code editor designed for young learners (or anyone else).

Considered in beta, the Raspberry Pi Code Editor is currently available for free to everyone. (opens in new tab)The editor is currently designed to work only with Python, but the organization says it will support other languages ​​such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

I’ve tried the code editor on my PC’s browser, and in its current form, there’s nothing particularly unique about it. However, I was impressed with the UI being very easy to use and integrated into the online tutorials.The interface includes a list of files in the project, a code editor, and[実行]It consists of three panes, an output pane that runs the results of your code when you press a button.

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

If you create a free account on which I did, the system will store all your projects in the cloud and you can reload them at any time. You can also download all the files in your project as a .zip file.

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