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Raspberry Pi Pauses Ad Blocking with Big Red Button

Installing an ad blocker on every machine has become somewhat standard for modern Internet users.However, the manufacturers in raspberry pi The community found a way to stop them at the source with the advent of Pi-Hole. It’s a system designed to stop ads at the DNS level of your network, but what if you need to let ads through for a while? appears. pie stop button business.

In digging into this project, it’s helpful to know how Pi-Hole works.See our guide How to install Pi-Hole To understand what the application does and how to set it up on the Pi. Unfortunately for Chris, Pi-Hole blocked important access to his important work-related website. He didn’t want to remove the system, so he decided to devise a way to temporarily disable his Pi-Hole on the network.

The solution was to create a large button that connects to Wi-Fi so that Pi-Hole can be turned off just long enough to access restricted websites. The system will trigger a command to the Pi that will turn off the Pi-Hole for a few minutes, making it unable to block any ads it sees on the network.

(Image credit: Chris, Planet Chris)

This button system is powered by the ESP-01S, a smaller form factor of the popular ESP8266 module. Buttons are attached for the interface, and a lithium battery charger and 18650 battery are included to keep the unit mobile. To house it all together, Kris developed his 3D printed enclosure.

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