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Raspberry Pi Pico Logs Rolling Blackouts

Dmytro Panin, a maker and developer from Kyiv, Ukraine, raspberry piPanin has created quite a few projects that have helped make life easier for him and others while living in times of increasing levels of uncertainty. Recording and sharing another clever creation of his that helped predict rolling. blackout.

Panin explained that Ukraine has been experiencing rolling blackouts for weeks as part of efforts to help stabilize the grid. He wanted to find a way to determine how long the power outage had lasted when he got home. This will also help determine when the next power outage will occur. To make things easier, he decided to use his Raspberry Pi Pico to record the events.

By recording entries on an e-paper display, you can track when a power outage started and see the data regardless of whether the power is currently on. It also records when the power outage ended, so you can see the duration of the power outage. You can see some recent blackouts in the log as well as the latest entries to get an idea of ​​what the schedule was like.

(Image credit: Dmytro Panin)

The hardware is housed inside a custom 3D-printed shell and includes a Raspberry Pi Pico, a Waveshare e-paper display dedicated to the Pico, and a Precision RTX module (DS3231) to help you keep track of project time with precision. . If you want to recreate this project, you can use a different display, but I highly recommend implementing some kind of e-paper panel so that you can access your data in case of a power failure.

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