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Razer Releases the Atlas, Its First-Ever Glass Mouse Mat

Razer has released its first glass mouse mat for gamers. Billed as a matte offering “purely polished precision”, Razer Atlas (opens in new tab) offers a micro-etched tempered glass surface with CNC-machined rounded edges, a non-slip rubber base, and quick wipe clean. This $99/€119 glass mouse mat is more than just an upcycled glass cutting board.

Glass has been an integral part of our daily lives for centuries. Still, considering ergonomics he might have a hard time selling it in a world of computer peripherals where everyone in the 2000s used a gel wrist rest. Additionally, there’s been a definite trend in recent years towards hard “fast” mouse surfaces for eSports pros, but is glass overkill?

(Image credit: Razer)

Razer emphasizes that its glass mouse mat boosts several gaming performance metrics. For precise tracking, the Razer Atlas features a micro-etched black or white surface with 2μm texturing for seamless optical sensor feedback. For speed and responsiveness, the ultra-smooth matte surface promotes “quick swipes and consistent glide,” Razer says. Another advantage of this tempered glass design is its impeccable durability if you tend to wear out your mouse mat. It should also be easy to clean up after a dirty, sweaty Cheetos-fueled gaming session.

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