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Redditor Unearths Powerhouse AMD Vega 20 GPU That Never Arrived at Retail

A ghost from the past appeared reddit thread (opens in new tab) The other day. Users could get their hands on a Radeon Pro prototype that utilizes the entire Vega 20 die.

AMD has produced many graphics cards and accelerators based on the Vega 20 silicon. However, only the more exclusive and niche models featured fully-capable Vega 20 dies housing 64 CUs, equivalent to 4,096 shading units. A small list includes the 2018 Radeon Instinct MI60, which targets the AI ​​and deep learning market, as well as the Radeon Pro Vega II and Radeon Pro Vega II Duo featured on select Mac Pro machines. Sadly, the retail market has come to reap the full benefits of what the Vega 20 had to offer.

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