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Redfall: How the Worst Book-Signing Ever Led Dev Into a Vampire Apocalypse | IGN First

Devinder finally turns on the camera to tell us how he ended up in Redfall’s chaos at the end of four Redfall character profiles. For him, given his expertise in cryptography, this turned out to be a “right place at the right time” kind of situation for him. Learn more about how Dev’s kit is used in the exclusive trailer above, and learn more about his backstory and his abilities below.

  • power 1: Ark Javelin – Throw the Javelin at an enemy or surface to create a lightning hazard that strikes nearby enemies.
  • power 2: Translocate – Pressing the action button twice throws a translocation beacon that can be teleported. Allies can follow you using the translocation terminal you left behind.
  • Ultimate Ability: Black Light – Creates a powerful burst of UV light that petrifies vampires and staggers human enemies using Devinder’s heavily modified camera rig.

Dev’s Translocate obviously helps avoid Redfall, but especially when behind a large enemy. Drop it and run away, allowing you to stay far behind the beacon when they have plenty of time to attack. Lures enemies and then quickly moves to a fallen ally.

Early concept art for Devinder.

Developer Arkane provided the following additional insight into Dev’s history of unnatural beings in the world.

“A self-professed ‘Hunter of Mystery’, Devinder ‘Dev’ Crousley has spent the better part of a decade proving the existence of the strange and hidden. He devoted most of his free time and surplus funds to his monster hunting trips. , Dev grew a fanbase of like-minded internet followers who encouraged him to explore further. Publishing), Dev found himself fascinated by America’s hidden stories. creature.

Brought to Redfall to promote his latest book, a creeping vampire takeover ends up trapping him in a sleepy island town. As you can finally prove, you must protect yourself while running, hiding and documenting the island’s inhabitants while looking for a way to escape the island. Born in London to a BBC broadcaster mother and a journalist father, Dev grew up with a classical education. He is widely read and collects esoteric knowledge. This well-rounded education made him a decent pianist. After secondary school, he attended and graduated from New His College, Oxford, where he studied philosophy, political science, and economics (also known as PPE). His other interests include dressing smartly when needed and playing rugby. Note that there is one cryptographic creature that the developer firmly believes does not exist: Bigfoot.”

Content in Redfall IGN First will continue throughout April, adding exclusive character details, gameplay and more. If you haven’t already, Dev’s vampire his hunter his teammates Layla, Jacob, and Remi characters check out his profile.

Miranda Sanchez is IGN’s Executive Editor of Guides, podcast unlockedShe is a big fan of stationery and fountain can find her sometimes twitter.

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