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Resident Evil 4 Dataminer Finds Reference to Ada Wong ‘Separate Ways’ Bonus Content

According to recent datamines, the Resident Evil 4 remake could introduce modes from the original game through DLC.

Posting to Twitter Resident Evil Centraldata miner Gosetsu discovered a folder labeled “_anotherorder”, the name of the original Resident Evil 4’s extra mode in Japan.In the west, the bonus content was titled Separate Ways.

The original Separate Ways featured Ada Wong, and players experienced the events of Resident Evil 4 through her perspective. The sidegame is significantly shorter than the main game and progresses through her five chapters spread across villages, castles and islands. Ada also has slightly different controls than Leon, moving faster and good at hookshots.

Fans are already looking forward to the Mercenaries mode, due for release on April 7th. This mode comes as a free update for game owners. Outside of Mercenaries, we haven’t heard much about Resident Evil 4’s DLC, other than the bonus Ashley and Leon skins included in the Deluxe Edition.

We called Resident Evil 4 a masterpiece in our review, stating, “Whether you’re a fan of the original or a newbie craving action-packed horror of the highest quality, Resident Evil 4 is a parasite-ridden Spaniard. It’s like,” he said. : Quite easy. “

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