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Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Get the Most Money for Your Treasure and Gemstone Combinations

Looking back from the end of Resident Evil 4, there is one important tip for players. That is, don’t sell gems. Resident Evil 4 Remake’s economy is a bit more complicated, with merchants being the central bankers. Merchants will offer deceptively high prices for the treasures and gems they come across, but when you combine these items, you’ll get greatly increased pesetas in exchange. It’s worth preserving gemstones until you have a treasure that can be inlaid with themand yet you should Wait until you get the best gemstone color combination.

How to get the most valuable gem/treasure combo

The mechanics of gemstone color combinations and gemstone inlays into treasures are as follows:

  • Find treasures that can be inlaid with gems. Items such as treasures and keys that can be freely sold without worrying about for sale only Message a merchant in your sales section.
  • Pause and enter the item menu to select treasure and inlay gems. Here, you can press the button displayed on the inlay screen to bring up a menu showing which color combinations work best.
  • Using multicolored gems, all gems of the same color, or pairs and triplets will give you up to double the original treasure bonus.

<strong>These gemstone combinations are priced higher on The Merchant.  </strong>” src=” 720&quality=20&dpr=0.05″ class=”jsx-2920405963 progressive-image article-image article-image-full-size jsx-2407332289 jsx-3166191823 rounded loading”/></a></p>
<p class=The combination of these gems will result in higher prices at The Merchant.

  • Gemstone values ​​also vary. Yellow round gems and red rectangular gems are the most valuable.
  • Combining the above two points gives the highest value. Five colors have a double bonus, but inlaying two yellows and three reds, for example, actually gives you the best value in crown treasures.

The combination of this elegant crown and this gemstone is RE4 Remake’s most prized treasure.

Here are some additional treasure hunt tips for Resident Evil 4 Remake.

  • The most valuable treasure and two treasures that can trigger achievements/trophies Skilled Appraiser – sell 1 treasure of 100,000 pesetas elegant crown. Here’s where to find them:
  • Spinels cannot be inlaid, but are used to purchase special items from merchants. Please don’t sell these! Considering all the advice above, the best way to buy early is a treasure map that reveals both the treasure and some gem locations!
  • The Splendid Bangle, available in the Specimen Vault in Chapter 15, is the last socketed treasure that can be fitted in Resident Evil 4. After this, you can freely sell the remaining gems.
  • Enemies that drop gems only do so if they die in an accessible location. As such, you won’t get any loot by shooting bugs flying over the pit or throwing Gigant into lava in that particular boss fight.
  • Enemies that drop gems include Novistadors (large flying or camouflaged bugs) that randomly drop sapphires. Armadura (parasite-infested armor) that always drops spinels. Mini-bosses that always drop gems, such as Brute and Chainsaw villagers.

So hold on to your gems and good luck on your treasure hunt in Resident Evil 4 Remake! For a full list of treasure locations, check this out or play along with the walkthrough that shows where all the treasures are in order. And for the many awesome weapons you can buy with your treasure loot, head over here.

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