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Resident Evil: Original Wesker Actor Pleasantly Surprised to Learn His Character is Famous

The original voice actor for Albert Wesker, the iconic villain in the original Resident Evil game, didn’t know how popular his character and dialogue would be until Capcom’s 1996 horror game hit the PlayStation. I did not know.

Wesker has been voiced by several actors throughout the Resident Evil franchise’s lifetime, but Pablo Kunz began the role with one of several freelance voice jobs he took on in the ’90s. I an interview with PC gamerKuntz describes Wesker’s voice as “an amazing experience”, but it was one of the many jobs the actor took on while living in Japan at the time.

As such, Kunz has distanced himself from the Resident Evil community, only confirming his involvement four years ago. YouTube video comment section.

“Reuniting with the fans was honestly life-changing,” Kuntz told PC Gamer. “It has been a huge blessing to meet so many wonderful people who are supportive, kind, and witty. You may be surprised, but I don’t feel that.

Since then, Kuntz has been playing the Resident Evil series with his son Lexonal. on youtube, which was the first time the actor heard his performance as Wesker in context.Kunz also started because he only voiced the character in his first game Reduplicate subsequent appearances of the character Resident Evil – Code: A Veronica-like game, he told PC Gamer that more will be coming in the future.

Meanwhile, Kunz launched a patreon It supports YouTube channels and includes perks such as cameo-style video messages and behind-the-scenes content.

Wesker has appeared in several Resident Evil projects since Kuntz came up with his English voice in the ’90s, and DC Douglas voices him in most of his English appearances. Although the character appears to have died in Resident Evil 5, he was still mentioned in Resident Evil 6 when it was revealed that he was the father of new character Jake Muller. The appearance of Crossover of Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight It started earlier this year.

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