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Retro Experts Digital Eclipse Surprise-Release New Game for Halloween

Digital Eclipse – the creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection and many other retro compilations – has released a surprise new game for Halloween. You can also obtain it for free.

Candy Creeps is a 1 or 2 player retro arcade platformer where you pit yourself against Pumpking. Pumpking steals neighborhood candy and can only be stopped by a well-placed Mario Bros.-style head her stomp.

This is the first release of the new Digital Eclipse Arcade line, “an all-new series of games inspired by the classic 80’s arcade vibe.”

“You play as two tweens, Elma and Harper, who inadvertently swipe the neighborhood’s Halloween candy and hide it inside an army of tiny, adorable, decorative gourds. may have summoned a gu,” reads the press release. “When you crush a pumpkin and find candy, eat it. Once turbocharged with sugar, transform into a costumed avenger and smash the Pumpkin until it explodes! Master 4 unique levels! , aim for a high score in one, and a two-player mode.”

Candy Creeps, released for PC today, is available on for $4.99 USD, but you can get it for free by signing up. Digital Eclipse mailing list Until October 31st.

Candy Creeps is the beginning of a new project for Digital Eclipse. The project has made a name for itself by creating popular retro collections such as Mega Man, Blizzard and Disney. Digital Eclipse Arcade is “a series of classic games and a celebration of pure arcade gameplay, created for the Digital Eclipse community.”

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