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Revamped MemTest86 Can Highlight Bad ICs on Your DIMMs

PassMark Software has released the latest version of one of the most versatile PC memory troubleshooters available. According to the software vendor, MemTest86 will usher in a “new era of memory testing” in its next release.Biggest highlight A key feature of the new memory stress test software is its ability to identify which IC on a DIMM has an error.

When it comes to troubleshooting PC failures, memory hardware issues are probably one of the most annoying problems DIY enthusiasts face. Some hardware is more prone to problems than others, and some have symptoms that provide red flags. However, memory problems can manifest themselves in many unpredictable ways. Additionally, DRAM is particularly susceptible to problems and compatibility issues with other hardware. For years MemTest86 has helped people to check and test their memory thoroughly.

Depending on the severity of your PC’s problem, we recommend that you test each memory module individually, following the basic logic of presumption by erasure. However, if your system can run and complete the task with all memory modules populated, MemTest86 can check them and experiment with different slots without tedious plugging and unplugging. .

(Image credit: PassMark)

The image above shows the Heading feature brought to the front. When a user goes through his MemTest86 tool he inserts a quartet of Crucial 16GB DDR5-4800 DIMMs and sees that DIMM_B1 has a problem. The test failed with 99 errors.

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