Ripple’s XRPL to soon support NFTs


Ripple’s XRP Ledger could enable support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as early as October 31, according to a tweet shared by Emi Yoshikawa, Ripple’s vice president of corporate strategy and operations. I have.

According to the tweet, the two-week countdown to XLS 20 Amendment v1.9.2 began on October 17th, and over 80% of network validators had to vote in favor. At press time vote There was 91.43% consensus.

XLS-20 is a proposal for creating native NFTs on the XRP Ledger. According to Ripple, the proposal aims to streamline the creation of NFTs in XRPL. At the same time, the proposal ensures that these new digital assets will not adversely affect ledger performance.

Ripple General Manager Monica Long Said The proposal allows developers to “write NFTs without the additional security risks and complexity that comes with smart contracts, and therefore without room for error, because XRPL does not require running NFTs to perform many tasks.” I can.

Meanwhile, XRPL Labs’ lead developer, Wietse Wind, had previously withdrawn his support for the proposal due to the discovery of a bug.

Ripple Signs Second Wave of NFT Creators

ripple is announced Second wave of creators to receive funding for web3 and NFT projects from the $250M Creators Fund.

According to a press statement, among the creators who received the funding were 9Level9, Anifie, Capital Block, NFT Master and others. The company said selected projects will leverage his XRPL to bring the sector to life within its ecosystem.

Markus Infanger, vice president of growth at RippleX, said:

“Web3 technology continues to transform the creator economy by giving power back to creators. We have seen the true utility of NFTs in the art community. , it’s no surprise that the entertainment and media industry is experiencing tremendous growth as a way to deliver new content delivery channels.”

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