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Road to Zettascale: Intel and RIKEN Announce Strategic Partnership

Intel and RIKEN announced earlier this week that they had reached a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on finding a common path towards Zettascale computing. Through this, companies Agree to cooperate in joint efforts towards Zettascale, leveraging both the research expertise of Intel and RIKEN and the manufacturing know-how of the former. RIKEN’s access to Intel’s Foundry Services (IFS), the manufacturing arm responsible for handling designs from external customers, is one of the key aspects of the MOU.

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The next hilltop in the rise of human computing power, the Zettascale (10 to the 21st power, 1,000 times greater than Exascale), is poised for high-impact technology. Out of this world AI and ChatGPT are some of the things we love more than others. But so is High Performance Computing (HPC), powering the world’s fastest classic supercomputers such as Summit. And fabled quantum computing is a running dream of unlocking extraordinary subatomic computing power.

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