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RTX 4080 Game Ready Driver Adds Support for G-Sync and V-Sync With DLSS 3

Nvidia has released a new Game Ready Driver — Version 526.98 (opens in new tab)is chock-full of feature updates, including RTX 4080 support, DLSS 3 frame generation, HDR10+ gaming, G-Sync and V-Sync support for RTX I/O DirectStorage, and more.

Aside from RTX 4080 support, perhaps the most anticipated feature is official support for V-Sync and Nvidia G-Sync with DLSS 3 frame generation. Support for these two frame-sync technologies was apparently absent when DLSS 3 was first released, but it is finally supported in the new 526.98 driver, allowing gamers to enable frame generation for a tear-free experience. I can do it.

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