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RTX 4090 16-Pin Power Connector Woes Spawn 3D Printed Fix

PC Building Redditor share His 16 pin power connector cable guide design. You can check out Mike JC’s finished 3D print and get the 3D print source files from the link above. here Please correct it as much as you want and output it.

It’s no surprise that PC DIY enthusiasts and enthusiasts are worried about installing and running Nvidia’s new flagship GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card. Following the news of melting the Quadropus into a 16-pin power connector, graphics card editors felt that Red Dead Redemption 2 needed to keep the RTX 4090 from turning red and dying. Best of all, he wisely kept the cables from bending too much, so he couldn’t reattach the PC chassis side panel.

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