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RTX 4090 From Newegg Arrived as Metal Blocks, Claims Customer

Getting shortchanged is pretty nasty, but Redditors claim they owe a good deal of money after buying components from Newegg. Get into the details, Nuclear Innards Beep describe he received some blocks heavy metal A replacement for the shiny new Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card.

The Reddit thread complaining about the alleged Newegg Switcheroo is full of advice on next steps for customers. Victims of this type of mail-order scam follow a variety of avenues to resolve their disputes. For example, contact the retailer directly and bring the issue up to the credit card merchant or through your business’s regulator/legal system.

Unfortunately, Nuclear Innards Beep allegedly slammed one of the first doors for disgruntled customers to seek redress. “Newegg didn’t respond and seems to have locked my account,” the Redditor said.

(Image credit: Reddit: Nuclear Insiders Beep)

Of course, some Reddit comments seem quite cynical about Nuclear Innards Beep’s claims. Some amateur detectives noted that large metal objects, particularly squares, did not appear to shred the inner box during his transfer from Newegg to the customer. However, it is difficult to say how long or arduous the journey was.

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