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RTX 4090 Owner Hits Nvidia With Lawsuit Over Melting 16-pin Connector

At least one GeForce RTX 4090 owner has taken his fight with Nvidia to court. Justia (opens in new tab), Lucas Genova recently filed a class action lawsuit against Nvidia over the 16-pin power adapter meltdown disaster. The lawsuit states that Genova is suing his Nvidia for unfair favoritism, breach of warranty, fraud, and violations of New York’s general business law.

The lawsuit, filed in California federal court on November 11, alleges that Nvidia “sold and sold RTX 4090s with defective and dangerous power cable plugs and sockets that rendered consumers’ cards inoperable.” , caused serious electrical damage.” All purchasers are at risk of fire. Genova has apparently filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of himself and all purchasers of his GeForce RTX 4090, one of his cards with the best graphics on the market.

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