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‘RTX 4090’ Prototype Cooler On Sale for a Cool $120K

A prototype of the RTX 40 series graphics card cooler was recently announced. spotted It sells for a whopping $120,000 online.The cooler in question is the same “RTX 4090” engraved This design has been repeatedly reported as the ‘Ti’ and ‘Ada Titan’ Founder’s Edition design, and boasts a gigantic four-slot cooler design that appears to be a prototype design. The cooler is prominently stamped with ‘RTX 4090’, which has led to widespread speculation that this could be used for other designs. In any case, the seller only offers the cooler part of the card without her PCB attached.

The cooler is reportedly being auctioned on a Chinese marketplace known as Goofish by someone using the handle “Hayaka.” The current price is 888,888 yuan, equivalent to just over $120,000, but the price could go up if there are multiple buyers. The seller also showed some pictures of the cooler. Tweetis an obvious move to make sure they have the real product and it’s not a fake.

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