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RTX On: Nvidia Data Shows Surprising Amount of Gamers Use Ray Tracing, DLSS

Despite owning an Nvidia RTX graphics card, have you rarely dabbled in the ray tracing realm promised by the Green team over the past four and a half years? If so, you’re in the minority, according to the numbers you put out. Additionally, it is suggested that newer RTX GPUs are more likely to flick the RTX on switch. This is also true when utilizing DLSS upscaling/frame generation techniques.

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Above you can see Nvidia’s numbers for RTX On and DLSS usage across three generations with the cores needed to accelerate these features (RT Cores and Tensor Cores respectively). We can see that during the reign of Nvidia’s Turing architecture, RTX-on and DLSS-on were less popular than he was in 2023 (left image). Note that the February 2023 RTX 20 and RTX 30 numbers are in tiny little letters below the RTX 40 heading (and image on the right). This table helps to clearly show trends between generations this data is all collected by his Nvidia via GeForce Experience software so it includes everyone using these GPUs It does not mean that

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GeForce series RTX on in 2023 DLSS on in 2023










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