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Russian 48-Core Baikal-S CPU Powers First Storage Device

A Russian company has announced a motherboard for storage systems with a 48-core processor from Baikal Electronics. C-newsHowever, there are some “nuances” with that system board. First, it is based on a sample version of the non-mass-produced Baikal S processor. Second, it is the only system in existence and it is highly unlikely that another will be created. Third, they are made to be almost unusable. But let’s dive into the details.

curious motherboard

Eliptech, which was part of Sber, one of Russia’s largest state-owned banks and cloud service providers, has developed a motherboard based on the BE-S1000 server-grade system-on-chip with 48 Arm Cortex-A75s . 2.50 GHz core at 120W. The SoC has six 72-bit memory interfaces, five PCIe 4.0 x16 (4×4) interfaces, one USB 2.0 controller, two 1GbE interface, and various general-purpose I/O. While this might look good on paper, it’s unlikely to make it onto the list of best CPUs for workstations.

Given the fairly rich input/output capabilities of the Baikal BE-S1000 SoC, Eliptech’s ET113-MB motherboard can support a fairly large number of storage devices. This is two PCIe 4.0 x4 SSDs and multiple SATA hard drives or solid state drives. Since the motherboard has four U.2 connectors, there are some restrictions on expansion capabilities.

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