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Russian University Vows to Build 7nm Chipmaking Tools

A Russian laboratory is developing a proprietary lithography scanner that can manufacture chips using 7nm-class manufacturing technology. This machine is currently in development and we plan to build it by 2028. When ready, it will be more efficient than ASML’s Twinscan NXT:2000i tool, which took him over a decade to develop.

After Russia launched a bloody war against Ukraine on February 24, Taiwan swiftly banned shipments of advanced chips to the country. Subsequently, the US, UK, and EU implemented sanctions that effectively barred virtually all contract chipmakers with advanced fabs from working with Russian entities. Additionally, companies like Arm cannot license their technology to Russian-based chip designers. As a result, the Russian government has launched a national program to develop its own 28nm-class manufacturing technology by 2030, reverse engineer as many foreign-made chips as possible, and educate local talent to work on domestic chips. was expanded.

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