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Saints Row November Update Teased: ‘It’s a Beast!’

Saints Row is gigantic A new update, and it is said to be a “beast”.

according to Saints Row Patch Huba new update is due in November and it looks like it will add a lot of new features.

“Also, thank you for your patience as we prepare to release this update,” the developer confirmed. “With over 200 fixes and quality of life updates included, this is a beast!”

This update includes many new features, but the most notable is co-op improvements.

that’s right. Saints Row’s co-op system has been upgraded, making it easier to team up with friends and wreak havoc on Santo Ileso.

“Co-ops have been a big priority for us,” they explained. “A lot of effort has been put into making this work as intended, including connectivity, minimap issues, and proper crediting of player rewards. It should be smooth!”

Additionally, players should check out the challenges and collectible improvements. These are now properly tracked and already completed challenges should be awarded retroactively.

The next update will start in late November and will also include:

  • More balanced combat encounters
  • More saints roaming the completed districts
  • More vehicle slots and 7 new garage locations
  • more pedestrians and police
  • It is easy to escape from the notoriety level
  • Voice pitch slider for further character customization
  • PS5 haptic feedback

There are many other improvements and additions planned, and full patch notes will be released with the upcoming update later this month.

IGN’s Saints Row review was 6/10 and stated: – and the frequency with which some of the most uninteresting ones are reused – means that this Saints Row feels more like a recurring retread than a proper reboot. Gangs, but they commit the same old sins.

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Ryan Leston is IGN’s entertainment journalist and film can follow him twitter.

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