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Sales of Desktop Graphics Cards Hit 20-Year Low

Demand for graphics cards has increased significantly during the pandemic, as some spent more time gaming at home and others tried to mine Ethereum for cash. But now that the world has reopened and Ethereum mining on GPUs has stopped, the demand for desktop discrete GPUs has dropped dramatically. In fact, shipments of discrete graphics cards in Q3 2022 hit their lowest level in 20 years. John Peddy Research.

The industry shipped about 6.9 million standalone graphics boards (including the best graphics cards for gaming) for desktop PCs in Q3, and a similar number of discrete GPUs for notebooks . According to JPR data, AMD, Intel and Nvidia together shipped about 14 million standalone graphics processors for desktops and laptops, down 42% year-over-year. Meanwhile, integrated GPU shipments totaled approximately 61.5 million units in Q3 2022.

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