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Samsung: 1TB DDR5 RAM in 2024, DDR5-7200 in 2025

To support the launch of next-generation server platforms from AMD and Intel, Samsung introduces an all-new lineup of DDR5 server memory modules based on 16Gb and 24Gb DDR5 devices, featuring industry-first 512GB RDIMM/LRDIMM It’s a schedule. The next step in Samsung’s DDR5 innovation, his 32Gb ICs are coming in early 2023 and the company will allow him to build 1TB memory modules in late 2023 or early 2024. . Samsung, on the other hand, said he expects 7200 MT/s data transfer speeds within two years.

1TB DDR5 RDIMM in 2024, 2TB modules in Horizon

JEDEC’s DDR5 specification offers significant benefits for server platforms. In addition to performance scalability enhancements, we are introducing new ways to increase capacity per chip and per module, as well as enhancing techniques to improve reliability and yield. Additionally, the specification allows building monolithic DDR5 memory devices up to 64Gb and stacking up to 16 DDR5 ICs on a chip (up to 16 ICs with a capacity less than 64Gb). So the arrival of 32Gb DDR5 ICs should not come as a surprise.

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32Gb DDR5 [IC] Currently under development [under-14nm] process node and will be introduced early next year,” said Aaron Choi, a staff engineer in Samsung’s DRAM planning division. AMD and Samsung webinars (See Samsung’s presentation in the gallery below). “His UDIMM based on 32Gb will be available late next year or early 2024.”

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