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Samsung Announces LPDDR5X-8500 Memory | Tom’s Hardware

Samsung announced on Tuesday that it has validated LPDDR5X memory at an operating speed of 8.5 Gbps. Samsung hopes the new DRAM will be used for bandwidth-hungry applications beyond smartphones and tablets, including PCs, high-performance computing applications, servers and vehicles.

For now, Samsung has validated the LPDDR5X-8500 memory on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile platform, but has not specified which platform. Both Samsung and Qualcomm are interested in validating his top-of-the-line Snapdragon system-on-chip for smartphones and always-connected laptops, with the fastest memory chips available today. Faster LPDDR5X will give these platforms more bandwidth and performance, making them more competitive with rivals, but the two companies haven’t revealed all the details yet.

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