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Samsung’s First 3nm GAA Chip Found in Cryptominer

Samsung officially started mass-producing chips on its SF3E (3nm-class, gate-all-around early) process technology about a year ago, but no fabless chip designers have confirmed they are using this node for their products. not present.but Tech Insight recently discovered that MicroBT Watts Minor M56S++ The cryptminer does indeed have an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) made on Samsung’s SF3E process.

ASICs used for cryptocurrency mining tend to be small devices with relatively low transistor counts featuring similar repeating logic structures and a minimal number of SRAM bit cells. So, in general, such chips, especially the Whatsminer M56S++, are very well suited to serve as pipe cleaners in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology as they are easy to manufacture. It makes perfect sense for Samsung Foundry to use his SF3E for chips such as cryptocurrency mining ASICs.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the Whatsminer M56S++ ASIC, other than that MictoBT’s mining machine based on this chip has a hashrate of 240-256 Th/s and an energy efficiency of 22J/T. If you want to learn more about this chip, I recommend purchasing the appropriate report from TechInsights.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Unfortunately, it is currently unknown if Samsung’s SF3E is currently being used for applications beyond cryptocurrency mining chips. But Samsung officially says it uses the latest process node to manufacture its products.

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