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Sapphire Rapids HBM2E CPUs Fall Behind EPYC 3D V-Cache CPUs In Leaked Benchmarks

A well-known blogger has shared perhaps the first performance numbers for Intel’s upcoming Xeon Platinum Sapphire Rapids processor with 60 cores and HBM2E cache.

Some of Intel’s customers are already PRQ version (opens in new tab) Even so, the launch of mass-production models of some 4th Gen Xeon Scalable Sapphire Rapids processors has been delayed until late 2022, requiring the company to fix certain bugs in the silicon and recertify those CPUs with partners. As a result, a full-scale launch is scheduled for 2023. Intel has kept the specifications of its upcoming product a secret. There are already a number of Sapphire Rapids processors out there, so not only do we know some of their claimed specifications, but their performance numbers have also been revealed before launch.

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