SBF thinks Hong Kong could become the Web3 hub of Asia


FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) spoke at FinTech Week 2022 in Hong Kong, saying that Hong Kong has real potential to become Asia’s Web3 hub. Forst news.

SBF said locations such as Dubai and the Bahamas have emerged as important crypto hubs in the region. However, the situation in Asia is even more blurred. Singapore and South Korea are potential cryptocurrency hubs in the region, but the SBF said Hong Kong would claim the title.

he said:

“If you look at what cryptocurrency hubs are going to look like in the world, I think the Bahamas looks like one of them and Dubai looks like one of them, but if you look at the East, it’s not so obvious. , It may be a place like Busan, South Korea, but I think it’s quite possible that it will end up in Hong Kong.”

Crypto Hong Kong

Based on chainalysis 2022 Global Crypto Adoption IndexHong Kong ranks 46th among 146 countries evaluated based on their level of crypto adoption. the global state of crypto, With 24% of the population owning crypto assets, Hong Kong leads the adoption of crypto in the Asia-Pacific region. Over half (51%) of Hong Kong’s cryptocurrency holders will acquire crypto assets in 2021.

Hong Kong issued a policy statement on October 31, announcing plans to create a “thriving sector and ecosystem” for cryptocurrencies. According to the report, Hong Kong will allow crypto ETFs and develop regulations in favor of cryptocurrencies. The statement also revealed that the Hong Kong government is working on pilot projects such as his NFT issuance for Hong Kong Fintech Week, green bond tokenization and central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Crypto executives agree with SBF

As soon as the statement was released, a number of prominent cryptocurrency executives outside of SBF posted comments supporting Hong Kong’s new motives.

New World CEO Zheng Zhigang also spoke at Hong Kong Fintech Week, becoming one of the first to endorse the statement. CEO Kris Marszalek said: Quote Twitter news said:

“Today brings great news from Hong Kong for the entire industry, highlighting crypto support and a desire to rebuild a vibrant crypto hub. We wholeheartedly support this development.”

Co-founder of 100x Arthur Hayes share Excitement and support via his personal Twitter account.

Meanwhile, TRON (TRX) founder Justin Sun spoke at both TRON DAO and HuobiGlobal, sharing supportive comments.

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