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Season: A Letter to the Future Developer Scavengers Studio Hit With Layoffs

Scavengers Studio, developers of Season: A Letter to the Future, were laid off after the game did poorly at the box office.

according to reports GI.bizThe Scavengers staff has shrunk from around 40 to just 16, and its debut, Seasons, has sold just 60,000 copies since launching on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC in January.

In a message to staff obtained by, CEO Amélie Lamarche said, “‘Season’ was well received by critics, but failed to live up to commercial expectations. I didn’t,” he said. “Despite efforts to increase sales through content updates and discounts, the game sold just over 60,000 copies in its first five months, which is the number the studio needs to survive. It doesn’t come far.”

Due to the “current global economic climate” and the season’s performance, Lamarche said, “We have been forced to make the difficult decision to downsize our studio to a small, sustainable group of game developers. It’s a pity. However, this means goodbye.” Scavengers Studio worked with all but about 16 people on his team. “

The Scavengers will provide as much assistance as possible to those who have been laid off, including both financial and psychological support, along with expanded medical coverage and outplacement services to help those affected find new jobs. I pledged to help.

“Please remember that our decision to downsize does not reflect the talent, dedication and contribution of each and every one of you,” Lamarche concluded.

Season is a third-person atmospheric bike road trip game. Players take the role of a young woman who explores the world for the first time after living in a remote village all her life. First announced at the Game Awards in December 2020, the season was an unexpected hit, but an alleged toxic exec led to major changes in development.

The game was eventually released two years later, but apparently failed to capitalize on the excitement generated by its initial reveal.

Ryan Dinsdale is a freelance reporter for IGN. He will talk about witchers all day long.

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