‘Secret Headquarters’ Review: You Know, for Kids

Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, Secret HQ is essentially a superhero movie designed for kids. The story is very similar to Robert Rodriguez’s capricious spy thriller, “Spy Kids” (2001). In the film, a young boy named Charlie (Walker Scovel, “The Adam Project”) lives a double life as an Iron Man-like hero whose absentee father (Owen Wilson) named Guard. I presume it was. Charlie discovered this after he and his friends stumbled upon the basement hideout under his house. Like “Spy Kids,” the veteran parent quickly realizes his junior’s need for backup.

Movies like Secret Headquarters seem to want to give kids a chance to show them how they can use their superpowers to save the world, and CGI-fueled universes usually aimed at adults. allowing young actors to participate in the fateful battle of This effort seems somewhat redundant. When kids are like kids playing softball or wondering who to ask for the school dance, “Secret HQ” has a playful, naughty vibe like “The Goonies.” . It feels like another superhero movie when kids get their guard superpowers and start flying around and fighting bad guys. This similarity certainly reminds us of an important difference that The Secret HQ overlooked. Most superhero movies are already aimed at kids, even if they don’t have a starring role.

secret headquarters
Rated PG. Running time: 1 hour 29 minutes. View on Paramount +.

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